Our little business was born through coaching riders with confidence issues and horses with conflict behaviours.


The original neck strap was designed with a child rider in mind. A particular child was experiencing confidence issues and consequently, the child’s pony was receiving conflicting signals from the rider, particularly stop and go aids at the same time. The neck strap gave the rider something to hold that provided stability and confidence and ensured the rider was not balancing on the pony’s sensitive mouth.


The mind behind Soft Hands equine holds a diploma in equitation science and these training tools have been developed with ethical training, rider safety, and horse welfare in mind.


Our products have received enthusiastic support from leading Australian trainers and coaches and are already being used Australia wide.


All our Soft Hands products are designed to be soft on hands, gentle on horses, long lasting, and made in Tasmania using quality Australian made rope.



Soft Hands Neck Strap
Free Ride Neck Strap