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Breakpoint tether

What you need to know….

The breakpoint tether is an elastic tie up aid that can be used as an alternative to baling twine. It is designed to tie a horse to a tether point and offers some stretch should a horse place pressure on the halter when tied, and fully release under extreme pressure.

Where baling twine may hold firm then snap, the breakpoint tether will stretch and give some release - which may help horses overcome or avoid the panic moment that often happens when they are hard tied and experience fear or confilct.

When a horse pull’s back in a moment of panic and is unable to find a release they will often pull until something breaks. If a horse is tied with a traditional halter, the halter may break, the lead rope or snap may break – the breakpoint tether will allow an amount of release without breaking and may be enough to shut down the moment of panic for the horse. If the horse places excessive pressure on the halter/rope then the breakpoint tether will fully release. It can be easily re-attached and re-used.

If a horse is hard tied with a tradition rope halter that has no breakpoint then the horse may habituate to the pressure and learn to give - or not give and may injure himself in the process. If you have a horse that habitually pull’s back then enlist the assistance of a qualified trainer to help re-train the horse’s responses.

What can the breakpoint tether be used for?

There are many uses for the breakpoint tether, including but not limited to:

· Using as a tie up in the float

· Using as a tie up on a rail or fence

· Tying a hay bag – particularly the back of a bag to avoid the horse turning it around while eating

· As an emergency connector for rugs

Take a look at the breakpoint tether stretching and releasing, in slow motion:

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