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What are they and what do they do?

What you need to know….

The “dongles” are a refinement aid designed to assist with rider hand position and core engagement. The “dongles” will help discourage your hands from pulling back too far, from pulling down too far or from pulling up or away from your horse’s neck too far. Many riders have one hand that is less stable than the other and the “dongles” can help to improve this. They will assist in keeping one hand on either side of your horse’s neck and can help to engage your core and keep you stable in the saddle.

How do I attach my “dongles”?

The “dongles” simply clip to the “D” rings on the front of your saddle.

Can I adjust the length of my “dongles”?

The “dongles” have a knot tied in the elastic cord, this can be adjusted to make the length longer or shorter depending on the rider’s height and the riding application. The bead on the end prevents the “dongle” from pulling through the rider’s hand.

Do the “dongles” have a breaking point?

The “dongles” will break under extreme pressure and can be re-attached easily to the clip mechanism. If you are placing extreme strain on your “dongles” then enlist the assistance of a qualified trainer to help with your position or with your horse’s training, this is usually a sign that something is not right!

It is important that equipment have a breaking point so that the risk of injury is limited. This equipment is not designed to replace the expert assistance of qualified coaches but as a tool to assist riders in improving their skills. The “dongles” can be left on the saddle while riding and can be picked up or discarded during your session. The ends of the elastic cord can be tucked under the knee rolls in front of you saddle should you find they move about excessively while not in use.

Happy riding!

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