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Hybrid Halter

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

What you need to know….

This halter was designed to bring together the convenience of a traditional halter and the training benefits of a rope halter. The hybrid halter is fully adjustable to ensure its fits YOUR horse, to your personal satisfaction and training goals.

Rope halters have evolved to be an excellent training tool due to being strong and lightweight, thus providing clear signals to your horse with the addition of pressure and an obvious release.

Unfortunately, they do not always fit each individual horse well as we all know that horse’s heads vary in size and shape within the traditional sizes offered by most manufacturers. As most traditional rope halters are tied using specialised knots and a well-recognised design, it is difficult for the average horse owner to adjust this to suit their individual horse. As a result, the halter can sometimes hinder the intended training outcomes simply because it doesn’t quite fit the horse as well as it could.

What can your new hybrid halter offer that is different to a traditional rope halter?

The hybrid halter offers similar benefits of being lightweight and allowing clear signals to your horse as a traditional rope halter will, but also offers the ability to adjust to fit your horse correctly - along with the convenience of an easy clip together throat latch and the ability to add reins to the side rings should you wish to ride in your new halter. It is important to remember that training a horse to respond to light signals in a halter (or a bit and bridle) takes time and patience and should not be rushed. Ensure you have control of your horse in all gaits in an enclosed area prior to riding in an open space – there are many good trainers who can help you with this if it is your first time attempting to ride bitless. The hybrid halter is not designed solely as a bitless bridle, it is designed as an alternative to a rope halter that can be used to ride bitless once your horse has progressed in his training to a higher level. If you are unsure whether your horse is ready for this step, please access the assistance of a qualified trainer.

Take a look at Chandler in his 3rd ride in the hybrid halter:

Will my new hybrid halter be as strong as a traditional rope halter?

No – as the hybrid halter is not made from a single piece of rope but from many pieces and is assembled using additional hardware and stitching, it is vulnerable to breakage.

Is this a disadvantage?

I feel that this is not a disadvantage and here’s why….

No piece of equipment you purchase for your horse can substitute for good training. If you are experiencing training or behaviour issues, this halter is not the solution - contact a qualified trainer and access some assistance. Do I want my halter to break? Yes and No - If my halter breaks due to excessive strain (or extreme behaviour) then I need to ask myself what is my horse trying to tell me? Is he fearful, confused or in pain? Our horses will generally show us when there is a problem and we just need to listen. We need the halter to break in a crisis so that the horse doesn’t hurt itself, but we don’t want the horse to display these extreme behaviours in the first instance and ideally, we don’t want to break our equipment!

Take a look at Ashley riding in our hybrid halter with her OTT horse Graham, after only a short warm up:

How do I care for my halter?

Your halter should give you years of trouble-free use without any special maintenance. Halters can be safely machine washed in a wash bag to ensure the hardware doesn’t damage your washing machine or pick up any debris – or - can be hand washed. Check the stitching regularly to ensure there is no damage.

Can I have a broken halter repaired?

Yes absolutely! As the halter is locally made it can be repaired, please send us an email or message to arrange return. We will discuss any costs prior to undertaking work.

Happy Riding!

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