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Manuela McLean training with Soft Hands Neck Strap

Manuela is a leading international dressage coach and co-director of Equitation Science International.

Manuela with our Free Ride Neck Strap

She has incorporated our Soft Hands Neck Strap in her training to assist with contact issues, postural cues, hand position and stability, and confidence and security for the rider.

In a recent message to Soft Hands equine she says:

"Hi Tracey, We are going to Canada mid April... I’m hoping to do a demo to show trainers/ instructors how they could benefit from using them [Soft Hands Neck Strap]...It’s amazing how even though a rider may not really need one cos [sic] they are pretty tidy in their position that it makes them feel more secure if on a young or fractious one. I have also found its great for a horse with a tricky mouth they accept rope contact as the hands move with the neck and haven’t quite accepted rein contact. I’ve used it to keep hands forward to stop riders pulling back. Also to lift the horses chest when they go on the forehand so teach back and stop and turn, riders feel the downward push of the neck first through the strap. So good for hands up as well. Great for a steady contact too. It’s been great for my para rider, I got her to ride with the reins under the neck strap to get less wild with sideways hands and to help keep the horse straight."

Watch Manuela in training mode demonstrating how she uses our Soft Hands Neck Strap.

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