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Stability Strap

What you need to know….

The stability strap was designed to provide stability and confidence in the saddle. It is made from 8mm double braid rope which is soft and easy to hold, doesn’t get slippery when wet and is comfortable for the horse to wear. The stability strap is designed to sit low on the horse’s neck, just in front of the saddle so that it is easy to pick up without leaning forward. The stability strap is fully adjustable from the saddle and is designed to be used in the upright seat so that rider stability is not compromised. It can be held with one or both hands comfortably with your reins. The stability strap is designed to tether to the saddle to ensure it doesn’t slip down the horse’s neck.

Is the stability strap just for beginner riders?

No – the stability strap has many applications for a range of riders. While originally designed to provide additional stability in the saddle, it has uses that range from assisting with confidence, to teaching postural cues to the horse and rider, improving the horse’s stop response and ensuring less pressure on the horse’s mouth.

The concept is not new but soft hands equine can provide a purpose made neck strap that serves a number of uses:

What can the stability strap help with?

· The stability strap can help teach a better stop response by giving the horse an alternative cue that doesn’t involve mouth pressure. By using the neck strap in a lifting action along with your reins it can reinforce the stop response and teach the horse to lift their neck and chest during stop and downward transitions.

· The stability strap encourages a better hand position by discouraging “pulling back” during rein aids and general riding, as well as reducing excessive hand movements and encouraging a better connection with your horse.

· The stability strap provides an additional point of balance for riders who are developing their independent seat – the rider can balance on the strap without placing pressure on the horse’s mouth.

· The stability strap can assist with transitioning to bridle-less as it can be used in conjunction with your reins and it can also help with jumping to provide additional stability over jumps.

Stability Strap fitting and adjustment

The stability strap is designed to be used in the upright seat. This is to ensure that the rider’s position and stability is not compromised when using the strap. Traditional neck straps are often fitted close to the horses neck and as a result riders must lean forward to hold them, this can be an unintended cue to the horse to speed up as it is often associated with faster gaits. Check out our video below which shows how easily the neck strap can be accessed while riding and how to correctly fit your stability strap.

How do I care for my stability strap?

Your stability strap should give you years of trouble-free use without any special maintenance. Neck straps can be safely machine washed in a wash bag to ensure the hardware doesn’t damage your washing machine or pick up any debris – or - can be hand washed. Check the stitching regularly to ensure there is no damage.

Happy Riding!

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