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Stability Strap $49
Hugo neck strap.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 10.46.28

Our original Soft Hands Neck Strap. Helps riders with safety and stability, train a better hand position, and protect your horse's sensitive mouth whilst in the saddle. 

Made with 8mm Australian made double braid rope.

Free Ride Neck Strap $39

Our Free Ride Neck Strap is most suitable for bareback and for horses more advanced in their training. It's Lightweight and easily adjustable, this strap is very versatile and perfect for riders transitioning to bridleless.  


The Free Ride Neck Strap is fully adjustable from the saddle and is soft and easy to hold.  The adjustment is unique and will lock into place allowing you to adjust to the perfect length to suit you and your horse.

Made with 8mm Australian made double braid rope.

Refinement Aids (Dongles) $25

"The Dongles" are a refinement aid used to assist with the rider's hand position and core stability, helping to maintain an elastic contact with your horse.

They are designed to detach under heavy pressure but can be easily reconnected. This product is designed to be a refinement aid, if you are needing more stability, please consider using a neck strap during the transition process. 

Dongles are on available in black as pictured.

Hybrid Halter $85

The convenience of a traditional halter and the training benefits of a rope halter. The hybrid halter is fully adjustable to ensure it fits your horse, your training goals, and personal satisfaction.


A standard Halter is made from 8mm rope for the base (identified in the photos are the multicoloured rope), 12mm nosepiece, 8mm headpiece.

These can be altered on request, please identify your requests in the additional details section of the form.

All our Hybrid Halter's are all made to order, you can design your halter to suit your needs and personal style.

Lead Rope $24 - $32

Our Soft Hands Lead Ropes are made with 12mm double braid rope 

We can offer small - 2m $24, medium - 3m $30 or large - 3.6m $32, or a custom length to suit your personal needs. 

Lead ropes are supplied with either a NP clip as standard and the rope is made with a loop to hold the clip so that it can be easily replaced as needed.

Breakpoint Tether $7.50
IMG_9129 (1).jpg
Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 8.20.18 pm.png

Our Breakpoint provides a safe, quick release, tie up solution. Perfect for the stall, float or railing, as well as other nifty uses.

Rope Reins $35 - $40
Rope Reins $35 (one piece)
split reins patrick.jpg
Split Reins $40 

Our rope reins are made from 10mm Australian made double braid rope as standard. Please specify in the additional details sections which style of reins you require.

Reins are available in small (pony) 260cm or large 280cm.

12mm rope available on request.

Float Tie $29
float tie 2.jpg
float tie.jpg
float tie 1.jpg

50cm Float Tie with Breakpoint Tether on one end and a removable clip on the other end. The Float Tie comes in 12mm Australian made double braid rope as standard.

Equaliser $25
Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 8.05.28 pm.png

The equaliser allows a rider to attach a lead or lunge rein directly to the horses bit comfortably and with equal pressure. The soft hands equaliser is narrow enough to sit behind the chin of most horses when used in the forward leading position.

Made with Australian made 8mm double braid rope as standard.

Rope Halter $39

soft hands equine rope halter made with 6mm double braid rope (as standard) in a variety of colours and patterns.


Halters are made on site and sizing can be adjusted to suit your individual horse.  We have a basic large size halter that will fit a variety of horses well - the above photo shows 3 horses from left to right, Cob - Full - WB size bridles all wearing the large size halter.  


See our sizing page for details on measurements.  If you have a hard to fit horse, this may be the solution for you.

Add a lead rope in a matching, complimentary or contrasting colour.  See our specials page for in stock items and ideas.