Our Sizing Chart

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  • These sizes are a guide and have been measured against a horse of average size and build in Australia –  small/medium/large sizes are the most popular and fit most horses but if you have a horse with a more solid build we recommend you measure for the best fit

  • The “fits up to” guide shows the upper limit of the straps and if your horse is border line – we recommend the next size up

  • The Free-Ride strap is more generous in the sizing that the Soft Hands Neck Strap

  • Customs sizes are a speciality and are made at no additional cost – please email or message us.

How To Measure

  •  Measure the circumference of your horse’s neck where the neck strap will sit – this is measured at the base of the neck to just in front of the saddle:

  • Add 30cm to this measurement to allow for the rider to use in the upright seat (as below), - For example the horse above measures 138cm + 30cm = 168cm, this horse uses an x-large as he is just a little too big for the hack.

measure 2.png
  • Use this measurement to look at the sizing chart to determine what size your horse needs. ​

  • If you are unsure, please ask, custom and half sizes can be made at no extra cost.

Hybrid Halter Sizing

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1. Measure the nose circumference at the point where the halter should sit (2 fingers below the prominent cheek bones)

2. Measure from the ring on the nosepiece over the head to the off side ring on the nosepiece.

3. Measure from the near side attachment ring under the horse's jaw to the off side ring.

Each size will fit a range of horses, if you have multiple horses, please ask if you are unsure what size you need.

Adjustments can be made to these measurements on request at no extra cost.

Rope Halter Sizing